Beach wedding ceremony
in Ubatuba SP


Simple wedding:
Elopement Wedding
Mini wedding up to 30 people

The trend of intimate marriage only increases and that is why we have prepared a special package to meet this demand and make the dream of a beach wedding a reality.

The terms mean:

Elopement wedding, from English, elope, means to run away, when the bride and groom run away from everyone to marry in peace, lol.

Mini wedding up to 20 people, means it is an intimate wedding, with few guests, so you can celebrate and celebrate together with your family.

A foot-in-the-sand ceremony package includes all the suppliers you need to carry it out. That way you hire a single company that is responsible for organizing everything for you. It is your guarantee of security and tranquility on your wedding day, knowing that everything will work as agreed in the contract.

This package includes:

Decorated pergola (altar) on the couple's favorite beach in Ubatuba
with land access to the decoration truck. City hall license not included.

Corridor with mat and flower pots
6 complimentary wooden benches if guests (up to 30 guests).

Bridal bouquet
with natural flowers as reference sent by the bride.

Professional wedding celebrant with or without civil effect
personalized and inspiring speech with the story of the bride and groom.

Photo coverage of the ceremony
Edited photos, in high resolution and digital, delivered via link by email. Does not include pre-wedding, making of and photos at the reception and party.


2022: R$ 10.000,00

2023: R$ 15.000,00

After the ceremony on the beach, you can organize your guests' reception wherever you want (not included in the package). But we can help you find a place that has something to do with you.

One of the most beautiful options we have in Ubatuba is the Itamambuca Eco Resort, for more information, you can speak directly with them at the email

Itamambuca Eco Resort Wood Deck


Reception at "portinho" of Itamambuca Eco Resort


Recepção no deck da piscina

do Itamambuca Eco Resort


Vídeo institucional do Itamambuca Eco Resort

Sobre o trabalho de Hellen Nogueira